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According to a PWC study, 97% of organizations consider Project Management crucial to business performance and an organization's success! Remember, nothing could be more effective than to start engaging in Project Management for your organization as early as possible. It doesn't matter which stage your business is at, you need a Project Management system if you want to have a successful business. And from there you should know how to scale it for consistent results. Hence you must take this course to understand everything about Project Management and start implementing it. This course is designed with intention that once you complete this course, you understand each and every concept in it and be able to carry the conversation and put it into action. This course is for you - if you aspire to make a career in Project Management. If you are an entrepreneur and running a startup then this course covers the link between both and the importance of Project Management within Startups. Startups are fast-growing businesses developing unique and innovative products and services, bring it to market and make it scale-able. This will only be feasible when you add in a Project Management structure to manage it all. Reason - Why you shall take this specific course with Madeeha Khan Yousafzai Madeeha Khan Yousafzai is an experienced and qualified Software Project Management Trainer, Consultant and Mentor. She is committed to positioning Project Management as a Strategic Enabler for Business Excellence in current business world of Agility. Madeeha is having 12 years’ experience of successfully delivering 25+ projects ranging up to 7 million dollars in domains of Digital Transformation, Cognitive Technology, Android OS, Semantic Analytics, and Cloud technology. Madeeha has served Information Technology, Telecommunications, Real Estate, Energy, Hospitality sectors across Pakistan, Norway, United States of America via Agile and Waterfall Project Management approach. Empowering teams by fostering Agile Mindset & Compassionate Leadership to meet the Organizational Goals of Sustainable Performance, Profitability, Employees’ Engagement, and Clients’ Satisfaction is Madeeha’s passion first and proven credible experience too. If you are interesting in learning this, please enroll in my comprehensive course

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Introduction & Course Outline

  • Welcome Note 2min 0sec

1. Project Management Definition 2. Project Management Process Groups 3. Project Management Life Cycle 4. Project Management Knowledge Areas

  • Module 1 - Project Management Intro.mp4 2min 39sec

1. Startup Definition 2. Link of Project Management with Startup 3. Reasons for Failures in Startup 4. Reasons & Statistics for Project Management benefits in Startup

  • Module 2 - Startups & Project Management.mp4 3min 50sec

1. Five Phases of Project Management 2. Phase 1: Project Initiation 3. Phase 2: Project Planning with detailed overview of Project Management Plan 4. Phase 3: Project Execution 5. Phase 4: Monitoring & Controlling 6. Phase 5: Project Closure

  • Module 3 - Deep Dive Project Management.mp4 12min 27sec

1. Phase 1: Project Initiation | Business Case 2. Phase 1: Project Initiation | Project Feasibility Study 3. Phase 2: Project Planning | Goals Setting | S.M.A.R.T 4. Phase 2: Project Planning | Goals Setting | C.L.E.A.R by Adam Kreek 5. Phase 2: Project Planning | Goals Setting | SDG Goals 6. Phase 2: Project Planning | Resource Management | Responsibility Assignment Matrix 7. Phase 2: Project Planning | Stakeholder Management | Power Grid 8. Phase 2: Project Planning | Cost Management 9. Phase 2: Project Planning | Risk Management Plan 10. Phase 2: Project Planning | Procurement Management Plan 11. Phase 3: Project Execution | Phase 4: Monitoring & Controlling | Change Management Plan

  • Module 4 - Business Case and Feasibility Study.mp4 3min 29sec
  • Module 4 - SMART Goals.mp4 5min 0sec
  • Module 4 - CLEAR Goals.mp4 3min 28sec
  • Module 4 - Stakeholders, Resources, Cost Management .mp4 7min 4sec
  • Module 4 - Stakeholders, Resources, Cost Management .mp4 7min 4sec

1. Summary & Key Steps of Project Management 2. Characteristics of Startup Mindset & Project Management Mindset

  • Module 5 - Project Management Mindset + Wrapup.mp4 2min 51sec
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Madeeha Khan Yousafzai

Project Management Trainer & Mentor

Coach | Trainer | Mentor | Speaker in domains of Agile | Scrum | Project Management | People Empowerment | Linkedin Optimization | Personal Development and Organizational Excellence with niche market of Information Technology (IT) sector


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